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I am having major password problems with your site--Your website user interface is really terrible. Cookies don't remember who I am. You site can't remember my password, I simply want to buy ink again.

I wanted to buy ink, tried to log in and got this message:

The page says:
Sorry - ' (removed for web blog)' is not currently a user in our system

This is completly incorrect. I have ordered from you before.


Here is what happened when I went to create a new account:


with (removed for web blog) and the same password.



I was then sent here:


Edit your account information below or Click Here to Review Your Recent Orders.

In otherwords, I was ONLY able to login when I created a new account.

I then clicked "submit changes" button.



Changes Made

Edit your account information below or Click Here to Review Your Recent Orders.



I hit the Click here button, then I went here: (full site removed for web blog)

In otherwords, then and only then was I able to access my account.

More complaints with Credit or debit information

Credit or Debit Card Information

I cannot use Google Autofill for my credit card.

More complaints after I finished my order (full site removed for web blog)

Order Approved! NEW: Save your shipping information to make re-ordering easy. Click here to create your account


I have already created an account! Why am I being asked to create an account again?

Please click the here and read the Economist article at the bottom of the page.
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