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hi. i'm doing a thesis work regarding racial discrimination & i searched for the script of the scene in Hotel Rwanda, about the "you're dirt" & the search led me to your lj. i kinda was thinking, do you know of any safe site where i can download that scene? thanks much!

I would suggest downloading it on bittorrent or bearshare. Check also.

Ask on the wikipedia Hotel Rwanda talk page, they maybe able to help you out.

Also type:

"Hotel Rwanda" blog

in google, and ask there....
Why would you need a video for a thesis? Masters or Doctorite? I haven't done a thesis yet, are you presenting to a board, and want to have visual effects, such as video, etc?

Are you covering the history of Racial discrimination in the US? America, like almost all countries, has a fine tradition.

If it is on America racial discrimiation, I can point you to some interesting books...but you probably already know more about the subject than I do, if you are writing a thesis on it?