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(Outdated) index of articles on this web blog

Activism (Slavery)

Activism (How one student amended the constitution)


Economics (Gap between the rich and poor continues to widen)


American Wars (Portions of “Benevolent Assimilation” The American Conquest of the Philippines, 1899-1903)

Economics (White crime—Corporate Greed)

American Wars (American's history in Haiti, and Smedley Butler )

Corporate Media (Photos of injured and dead in Iraq war; About the author Walter Karp; About the author Walter Lippmann; Other articles on the corporate media)

American Wars / Corporate Media (The World War One graphic "War Against War!" book )

Books online and excerpts (from the site Third World Traveler, Zinn)

Magazine article (Ignorance of the world has deep historical and cultural roots in the US from Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

Economics (Wal-mart articles)

Logical fallicies

Excerpt from: What’s the matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America (Why do so many Americans vote against their own economic interests?)

Power of the internet

America's cultural icon amnesia

Draft (From the Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft)

Draft (Web articles)

American Wars (Web articles: What America has done to the social net in Iraq)

American Wars (Web article: Occupation targeting doctors,clerics, journalists)

Tort reform (The case of the Ford Pinto)

A warning about what you should believe. Doubt your allies as much as your enemies.

Tort reform articles

Political art sites (

American Wars (A century of U.S. Military Interventions, PDF file, Excel file, military action in Idaho)

Economics Cuts to Pell Grant Program

American Wars (BBC: US 'alienating' world's Muslims (pentagon report))

American Wars (Quote by Blum: If I were president, I could stop terrorist attacks)

Picture (The world according to America)

Picture (Think of the Kittens!)

Politics (Where the term "liberal" comes from)

Politics (Sorry everybody...apology accepted; Get a brain morons)

Economics / Bush (Overview of Bush's most controversial policies)

Elections (Congressional redistricting, How to rig an election)

American Wars Second common technique many American's use to ignore their country's foreign history

American Wars One technique many American's use to ignore their country's bloody foreign policy history

Abortion (The criminal unborn)

Elections (Post election depression, three articles)

American Wars (If this is a war on terror, then who are the terrorists and who are the terrorized?)

Elections (Voting irregularities?)

Religion (The hypocrisy of Christians)

American Wars (100,000 dead civilians in Iraq)

Elections (The 2004 election)

American Wars (“High-altitude precision bombing” capable of “Pinpoint accuracy”)

Customer service (Americans get better service than Brits because they complain more)

American Wars (Ignoring The Root Causes Of Arab Rage)

Logical fallacies (Top Ten Dodge List)
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