August 9th, 2005

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American massacre of South Koreans, and how the media attempted
to suppress the story thirty years later

“The Story No One Wanted to Hear”
J. Robert Port
Chapter 9 of “Into the Buzzsaw”

In the life of an investigative reporter, at least one who is devoted to his craft and pursues if for altruistic reasons, there come certain awful, lonely moments of realization—those rare times when you stumble upon something you know in your gut, or you think you know, is not just news, but terribly important news.

You literally tremble when you discover some document you recognize to be a smoking gun. Your hand shakes as you scribble down quotes from some whistle-blower finally summoning up the nerve to say what he really knows. You realize people could be hurt seeing the ugly truth in print, and that you, as the messenger, will probably be attacked, but you are compelled to tell the story as fairly as you can. You do this because if is your profession and because you long ago decided that this pursuit of knowledge, however imperfect, however unprofitable, is a wiser choice for all of us than secrecy or ignorance.

To keep perspective, you frighten yourself by typesetting a ninety point headline in your mind, testing how much power its words can accurately convey. These moments of realizations are like a head –on highway collision, where your life passes before you. You imagine in an instant a cascade of consequences your news will likely set in motion—and whether you still are up to the task.

For me, such a moment came one evening in April 1998, Read more...Collapse )