March 27th, 2006

My feedback on an immigration paper for international relations class

Below is my feedback on an immigration paper for international relations class. Each of us are supposed to critique 5 abstracts dealing with international relations. The person is then supposed to read these paper's ideas and incorporate these ideas into their papers.

Your paper is contemporary and interesting. An issue which is important on the minds of American's today.

Unfortunately, your paper ignores or downplays vital issues because they are not addressed in American media and are therefore not on the minds of the American public. I am going to discuss some issues behind immigration which you will never hear in mainstream media. Again, since it is not in mainstream media, it is not in the minds of Americans and therefore is not in your outline.

I subscribe to the same view that Ms. Celine had when commenting on your paper but I would like to expand on these ideas.

Like many important issues throughout history, the corporate media ignores or downplays the culpability (guilt) that corporations play in illegal immigration. American media ignores four vital issues which effect immigration, first, the root causes of immigration lies in American foreign policy; second, illegal immigration is beneficial to American companies; third, tougher border security will never happen because it is not in the interest of American businesses; and finally, American businesses are using immigration to weaken labor and the working class.


American foreign policy, driven by MNC in Latin American countries, keeps the status quo:

* a small elite oligarchy which supports MNC interests, and
* a large, poor population which are getting none of the material benefits from the MNC exploitation of their natural resources.

Poverty is the root cause of immigration. Latin Americans immigrate to America because their country's political system, almost always supported and created by America, is engineered to keep them poor.


When illegal immigrants come to America for a better life, many of these same American businesses then exploit these illegal immigrants to keep their profits high and American wages low.

It has been called "the race to the bottom". American companies in the pursuit of profit will always find the cheapest markets and labor, regardless of the social cost. Social cost such as health care, high wages, and safe working conditions do not help a companies bottom line.

In the pursuit of profits, MNC ship jobs overseas to the lowest cost and least regulated markets. If those jobs cannot be shipped overseas, American companies will move to states with the least regulated markets, weakest labor laws, and lowest cost.

Illegal immigration is beneficial to American companies. Illegal immigration is a large labor pool which because of their questionable legal status, is easily manipulated and exploited.


American businesses support illegal immigration and want a guest worker program. Internal issues in America do not become important issues which Congress acts on unless one of two things happen:

* The America people rise up and demand change.

* Corporate interests, which pay for their campaigns demand change.

In this case, both corporate interests and the American people are demanding change. This makes your job easier. We are not talking about an issue which is obscure, but an issue that effects both business and workers everyday.

Tougher border security is not in the interest of corporate America, so it will never happen unless enough of the American people demand it and Congressmen fear their jobs over the interests of their corporate sponsors.


Throughout American history the American elite have used immigration and race to divide the poor and working class. A million examples can be given. One that comes to mind immediately is the labor disputes of the late 19th and early 20th century. American businesses would use scabs (workers brought in to replace striking workers) that were of different races or different ethnicities to work their factories, playing on workers xenophobia or racism. Striking workers would often attack these immigrant and minority scabs, diverting their attention away from the business itself, and onto fellow workers. Another example is the AFL-CIO for years opposed illegal immigration. This split and weakened the working class to the benefit of the corporate elite. Only recently has the AFL-CIO, seeing that the tide of illegal immigrants was unstoppable, decided to embrace illegal immigrants and welcome them into their labor organizations. It is important to recognize that American business, and its extended arm, corporate media, are using immigration to weaken labor unions and cause divisions in the working class.

Why is this an issue now? Who made it into an issue? Who does the guest progam benefit?



"The greatest difficultly in devising my solution to illegal immigration has been trying to figure out how to finance the Guest Worker Program and in changes with work visas for immigrants."

I disagree, strongly. The greatest difficulty you will have in devising your solution is to sell this policy to a xenophobic and racist America population, which is reflected in its xenophobic and racist American leaders. If this policy is going to succeed, you must think:
*Why is it in the best interest of the corporate sponsors of Congress? (If it is in the interest of big business, Congress will go along with it.)

Fortunately, corporate America DOES support the worker guest program. But you still need to sell it to corporate America. Why is it in corporate America's best interest?

Then the second issue is:

*How do we sell this policy to am America population who are historically xenophobic and racist so they do not rise up against the elite and the Congress who are tools of the elite?

This problem is also easily solved.

You could use the security card, as the current Bush administration is now doing. The American people are already scared and frightened by years of racist and xenophobic coverage of Muslims. Spin it this way: tell the American people that their security is at risk, and that a guest worker program would make them "safer" without actually revealing the four actual underlying reasons I stated above for the policy. Whatever you do, don't let on to the mindless herd what is really happening behind the scenes. That the corporate bottom line and greed is behind guest visa programs. Maybe you can site a foiled terrorist attack by illegal immigrants, or if worse comes to worse, you can invent a foiled terrorist attack by illegal immigrants. False intelligence and lies worked twice for Rumsfield and Cheney when America destroyed Detente, and it worked again with imaginary WMDs and Iraq. (See Team B on wikipedia for more on the Detente story).

But again, whatever you do, don't reveal to the American public the real reason behind guest worker visas: corporate profit.

I hope that my views are not so foreign and alien to your views, that they are dismissed out of hand. Often my views are dismissed out of hand by the majority of Americans. You could keep the current format of your outline, which reflects current American sentiment and does not delve into the root causes of illegal immigration. This would the easiest course of action. Or you could look at the root causes of illegal immigration, which would require a lot more work and research.

I apologize and am sorry if I come off like an arrogant pr**k. I want to give you the best feedback I possibly can.