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April 2006 - bailey83221
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Here are all the posts for this month by bailey83221:

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02:45 pm: Venezuela regains control of 32 oil fields
02:47 pm: Oil firms dealt 'major blow' with Venezuelan tax hikes
03:35 pm: Colombia lures oil firms, Venezuela holds out for more
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01:50 pm: RAND study on drugs and Colombia: the failure of the drug war
04:09 pm: RAND author testifies about Drug study
04:24 pm: Coca-Cola and Colombia
09:22 pm: Coke/Colombia Articles

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02:41 am: RAND 1988 report for the Defense Department: "Military drug war" hopeless
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05:24 am: Business which benefit from Plan Colombia
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10:29 pm: wiki left off here///Notes: The Case for Closing the School of the Americas
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01:50 am: transfer to wiki left off sat oct 28
02:28 am: People who predicted the collapse of the USSR
05:28 am: Communists lost their faith, and failed to convert to democracy
05:50 am: Why did the USSR collapse?

05:26 pm: Eulogies for Andrei Amalrik, predicted collapse of USSR in 1984

08:41 pm: American Arms sales
08:45 pm: http://bailey83221.livejournal.com/40091.html UNFILED articles
11:53 pm: Andrei Amalrik and "1984"

03:24 am: Anticipations of the Failure of Communism (Scholarly list of those who predicted fall
10:47 pm: Thesis on colombia on archives.org
10:57 pm: Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press; book reviews
11:32 pm: Left off transfering Wiki: Oct 28 saturday Report Links Ex-Senate Aide To Contras - 1 comment

04:30 pm: Bloody Thursday - 1 comment

08:09 am: My board on wikipedia, in case I get banned.