April 1st, 2006

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I have always joked that when I was younger, I always thought that the concept of Cobra being this massive world wide terroist organization was a joke. How could Cobra be a threat to America. But reality proved me wrong. Under the guise of the "war on terror", we are now devoting hundreds of billions of dollars against tin-pot terrorists.

COBRA to Join Forces With Bin Laden, Al-Qaida
Written by Charlie Van Horn
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Indian Wars (1637-1890)
America's Holocaust...

Spanish American War (1899-1903)
Philippine War Crimes
The U.S. Army's Pacification of Marinduque, Philippine Islands, April 1900-April 1901
The "discovery" of the Philippines by the U.S. Press, 1898-1902

Haiti (1915-1934)
Smedley Butler and American's history in Haiti

World War I (1917-1918)
The World War One graphic ‘War Against War!’ book

World War II (1941-1945)
World War 2 in a different light

Russian and World War 2

Korean War (1950-1953)
American massacre of South Koreans, and how the media attempted to suppress the story thirty years later

Indonesia (1950s-1970s)
The Model Pupil [Indonesia] and American war crimes

Dominican Republic (1965)
Invasion of the Dominican Republic

Chile Project FUBELT (1973)
Project FUBELT

Cold War (1945-1991)
What if there really was no need for much - or even most - of the Cold War? Power of Nightmares and Team "B"

Just Who Did Smash Communism?

Killing Detente: The Right Attacks the CIA and other book reviews

The Baltimore Sun: Righting the CIA (About Team B)

Nicaragua (1983-1986)
Reagan's bloody legacy: Nicaragua

Iraq War (2003- )
Articles on the Iraq war
My Iraq war magnet
America and Britain helped overthrow Iraq dictator and helped Saddam Hussein come to power

General War

35 countries which America has intervened in since since 1945

Our exceptional innocence: Are Americans exceptional when they go to war?

The award for the biggest lie of the century: "America has not started a war in this century."


Links to help stop military recruitment / A history of American government weapons tests on American soldiers

Central America: US history of fostering torture, dictators, and brutal suppression of the poor

School of the Americas and the movie "Hidden in Plain Sight"

CIA and the ‘WMD intelligence failure’ ‘plausible denial’

History of lies that galvanized Americans to go to war

The Abu Ghraib torture scandal, America's complacent media, The Vietnam massacres

American's forgotten wars

The American Empire

On the draft

From the Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft

WHY? (September 11th)

‘High-altitude precision bombing capable of ‘Pinpoint accuracy’

Web quote--If I were president, I could stop terrorist attacks (About William Blum)

American hypocrisy in the use of the word 'freedom': Exporting torture

Philippines, Haiti, and Iraq striking parallels

Comedy: COBRA to Join Forces With Bin Laden, Al-Qaida

The Nation: How US Dealers Arm the World

The United Nations: Engineered and Doomed to Fail

Los Angeles Times: Perspective On Arms Control; How We Got Oversold On Overkill; A Government Report Pins Our Trillion-Dollar Defense Buildup On 'Experts' Who Misstated The Soviet Menace


Latin America's longest war; Book Reviews on Colombia

The Colombian crisis in historical perspective

The Independent: 'Colombia: Inside the Labyrinth' Review

Supporting terror...why Britain should be staying...clear of Colombia

America's Other War: Terrorizing Colombia, Doug Stokes

International Affairs: Review of America's Other War: Terrorizing Colombia

Plan Colombia backup from Wikipedia

My Amazon review of: World History of Organized Crime, regarding Colombia

New York Times : New Role for U.S. in Colombia: Protecting a Vital Oil Pipeline

Canadian Dimension: Plan Petroleum in Colombia.

In These Times: War or Peace?;Colombia's new president must choose between Washington and his own people

In These Times Book review: More Terrible Than Death: Massacres, Drugs and America's War in Colombia

In These Times: Despite glowing claims by Bush and Uribe, both violence and the drug trade rage on

Palace of Justice A Colombian Tragedy. The Irish Times

The Palace of Justice: A Colombian Tragedy. book review

The New York Times book review : Palace of Justice A Colombian Tragedy.

Graphs and information about Colombia I scanned and compiled

Washington Post book review : Palace of Justice A Colombian Tragedy.

Washington Times book review: Buffoonish Armageddon at the 'Palace of Justice' A Colombian Tragedy.

Book reviews: Dead Beat: A Colombian Journalist's Life Inside the Cocaine Wars.

Colombia & the Corporate Support for Anti-Union Suppression

U.S. Military Support for Plan Colombia: Adding Fuel to the Fire

Nicaragua v. United States

Nicaragua V. United States: Appraisals of the ICJ's Decision. Nicaragua vs United States

Nicaragua V. United States: Excerpts: War, Law & Liberal Thought: The Use Of Force In The Reagan Years

Nicaragua V. United States: Excerpts: 1999 Combating Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Reviving the Doctrine of a State of Necessity John-Alex Romano on ''Nicaragua v. U.S.''

Nicaragua V. United States: Trashing Customary International Law

Nicaragua V. United States: Legal Issues in The Nicaragua Opinion

Nicaragua V. United States: Naom Chomsky: "unlawful use of force"--which is the judicial way of saying "international terrorism"

Nicaragua V. United States: The World Court's Achievement

Nicaragua V. United States: The Peace Palace Heats Up: The World Court In Business Again?

Nicaragua V. United States: Excerpts from: Politics Across Borders: Nonintervention and Nonforcible Influence Over Domestic Affairs

Nicaragua V. United States: Law review article: Self-Defense and the Rule of Law

Nicaragua V. United States: Appraisals Of The ICJ's Decision: Nicaragua V. United States

Nicaragua V. United States: Los Angeles Times: U.S. Must Not Be the Outlaw on Nicaragua

The Washington Post: The CIA's Murder Manual

The CIA's "Murder Manual" From: Our Own Backyard: The United States in Central America, 1977-1992

CIA and the clear Abu Ghraib connection

CLASS (Also see Economics)

Number of uninsured, number of millionaires

Economist Article: Gap between the rich and poor continues to widen

Wall street Journal: As Rich-Poor Gap Widens in the U.S., Class Mobility Stalls

New York Times: First Article in Series:
Class in America: Shadowy Lines That Still Divide

Second Article in Series:
Life at the Top in America Isn't Just Better, It's Longer (Class Is a Matter of Life and Death)

Third Article in Series:
A Marriage of Unequals (When Richer Marries Poorer)

Fourth Article in Series:
On a Christian Mission to the Top (Preaching to the Elite)

Fifth Article in Series:
The College Dropout Boom

Richest Are Leaving Even the Rich Far Behind


The Violent History of Labor and Unions

Regressive Taxes

Is America on the brink of collapse?

Why unions are good for the middle class

Chomsky: Public Expense & Private Profit (Articles on Corporations)

Wal-mart articles

Thousands of Students Cut from Pell Grant Program in Final Federal Budget


The devastating LEGAL consequences of a Republican government on the working class

Poverty rates are higher in the United States than in Canada from 1974 to 1994 because of the Canadian Social Retirement system is more generous

The Economist: Student loan cuts

The Economist: The very bottom line; America's most-hated companies

Senators Ask DuPont to Stop Making Ozone-Destroying Chemicals

NOT TRUE: Even if you declare bankruptcy, every court agrees that you will always remain responsible for the payment of your student loans


Why don't you direct your hatred of George Bush toward someone more worthy of such venom?

Four techniques many American's use to ignore American foreign policy history (Bennett vs. Chomsky)

A perplexing contradiction in the way Americans see history

How many Americans, born in the Soviet Union, would be good soviet citizens?

My arguments with American apologists

Discussion with Fightforfreedom, a wounded Vet

Americanism: the religion that binds Americans together

Two debates, including an acknowledgement that Chomsky's reasoning is fallacious

Argument with a neoconservative on Azplace.net, the neoconservative’s Achilles Heal

‘Some People Push Back’ On the Justice of Roosting Chickens: Why I disagree.

Comments and Articles on American sociology

Ward Churchill Statement

Critical articles about American sociology

Branded a communist: Intellectual inquiry in America has strict unspoken and unconscious boundaries

Ignorance of the world has deep historical and cultural roots in the US

America's cultural icon amnesia

The Economist: Anti-Americanism

Americans: tell me what you mean by freedom? ...the responses are surprising and very disturbing

New York Times: Since 9/11, President Bush and his advisers have engaged in a series of arguments concerning the relation between freedom, tyranny and terrorism.

The Economist: Here's to the great American loser (Americans unhealthy obsession with success)

Book excerpts: Why do so many Americans vote against their own economic interests?

Book reviews of: Seymour Martin Lipset's American Exceptionalism: A Double-Edged Sword

Ignoring The Root Causes Of Arab Rage: ‘Why Do They Hate Us?’ by Fareed Zakaria

Religion and Politics: The Bill of Rights and the Bible; No Longer a Christian (The hypocrisy of Christians)

Obligation to the State Section from Zinn's Declarations of Independence

Why does the majority of contemporary Americans see slavery and the annihilation of the Indians as a shameful part of our history...

The Environment: White Man's Burden

Recent wikipedia comments: Your edits make me sick to my stomach, The vicious attacks on Ward Churchill, Sometimes it gets tiring to be marginalized and your views be universally distained, huh?


The Rise and Fall of Professional Journalism: First Article in Series:
Introduction and the origins of professional “unbiased” journalism

The Rise and Fall of Professional Journalism: Second:
The Commercialization of Journalism

The Rise and Fall of Professional Journalism: Third:
But Wait, Don’t the Media Have a Liberal Bias?

The Rise and Fall of Professional Journalism: Footnotes

Articles on the corporate media


HISTORY and HOPE from History

McCarthyism and the war on the Left

Hope in the face of conflict, overwhelming odds, and almost universal distain

Time Magazine’s 1938 Man of the Year

Outspoken critic of Henry Ford / Thomas Paine

How one student amended the constitution in 1992.

The assassination of President William McKinley: Anarchism and Socialism

Have Peace Activists Ever Stopped a War?
Mobilizing Women, Anticipating Abolition:The Struggle against Indian Removal in the 1830s Mary Hershberger
NPR: William Jennings Bryan

And the top 10 worst presidential blunders are...

Business plot

1933 Business tycoon forgotten plot to overthrow the United States Government

Two stories about Smedley Butler

James E. Van Zandt of Business Plot

Review of: The Plot to Seize the White House, by Jules Archer

New York Times, Time Magazine articles on The Plot to Seize the White House and Smedley Butler

Second article on the plot, “Straight Dope” article


Congressional redistricting, How to rig an election (5 articles)

Bush: The contradictory conservative

The 2004 election

Chicken George web blog

Mr. Cheney's Imperial Presidency

King George, how Bush is acting like a dictator


How Costa Rica Lost Its Military

Two books: A Life of Justice: 'Hugo Black of Alabama', A Short History of Progress (learning from the mistakes of past collapsed societies)

David Letterman's Pet Tricks -- and an Accidental Career

Declining by Degrees, PBS special on universities/colleges

Book: The Republican War on Science

Russian food stores and resources in San Antonio, Texas

Childrens Book: Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed

Transcipt of film: What The Bleep Do We Know?

Definitions (Uncommon words that intelligentsia, both on the right and the left utilize)

Introduction to the Philippine war A hopeless cause...

Africa and Humanitarian Aid

Literary criticism of Howard Zinn and Naom Chomsky

Cocaine in South Florida is so pervasive

Customer service: Americans get better service than Brits because they complain more

Abortion: The Criminal Unborn-Is it Possible to be Both 'Pro-life' and 'Pro Choice'?

Annoy com and other odd art sites

Critique: A warning about what you should believe. Doubt your allies as much as your enemies.
The 1920’s Red Scare
Two perspectives on an interview with President Bush
Libya and the Pan Am bombing
Was the 500,000 Iraqi dead because of sanctions a fraud?


First Run/Icarus Films an excellent site with out of the mainstream videos

New York Times on [[Guenter Lewy]]’s book America in Vietnam

The Washington Times: Fascism fantasies, The Washington Times


Web critique: Amazon.com : Harnessing the full potential of the internet

The Economist: Software: Programmers are combining data from different websites to create "mash-up" sites with entirely new capabilities

The Economist: Flickr and del.icio.us

The Economist: Technorati is a pioneering search engine for blogs

NPR: Wikipedia Bans Access from Capitol Hill Computers

The human clock

Enemy Nations Rescued from the web

Enemy Nations Review

LJBook--> entire live journal to pdf file

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