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Bailey 83221
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Sunday, April 16th, 2006

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Bullets, Bloodshed And Ballots;For Generations, Violence Has Defined Colombia's Turbulent Political History

Orlando Sentinel (Florida)

October 31, 1999 Sunday

Pg. G1

By Pedro Ruz Gutierrez

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Bogot's link to far-right militias This month's UN report on a Colombian Army-paramilitary link could jeopardize US aid.

Christian Science Monitor (Boston, MA)

April 26, 2000

Pg. 4

Martin Hodgson

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"...in four months,
five times as many
people died in
Indonesia as
Vietnam in
twelve years."

-- Bertrand Russell, 1966

The following
article appeared in the Spartanburg, South Carolina Herald-Journal on May
19, 1990, then in the San Francisco Examiner on May 20, 1990, the
Washington Post on May 21, 1990, and the Boston Globe on May 23,
1990. The version below is from the Examiner.

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