May 13th, 2006

Left off transfering Wiki: Oct 22 Sunday //The lowest approval ratings of u.s. presidents since 1950



The lowest approval ratings of u.s. presidents since 1950

Harry Truman -- 23 per cent (Gallup, November, 1951)

Richard Nixon -- 24 per cent (Gallup, August, 1974)

Jimmy Carter -- 28 per cent (Gallup, June 1979)

George H.W. Bush -- 29 per cent (Gallup, July 1992)

George W. Bush -- 31 per cent (Gallup, May 2006), 29 per cent (Harris/Wall Street Journal, May 2006)

Ronald Reagan -- 35 per cent (Gallup, January 1983)

Lyndon Johnson -- 35 per cent (Gallup, August 1968)

Bill Clinton -- 37 per cent (Gallup, June 1993)

Gerald Ford -- 37 per cent (Gallup, January, 1975)

John F. Kennedy -- 56 per cent (Gallup, September 1963)

Dwight D. Eisenhower -- 48 per cent (Gallup, July 1960)

*interesting the highest was Kennedy. I actually can't think of a country, other than Cuba, that Kennedy invaded--every US president kills at least a few thousand people------oh no wait, he was part of project LAZO, which used napalm on Colombian peasants/communist insurgents. He killed a few thousand there....


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The Tragedy Of Andres Bonifacio

Philippine Daily Inquirer

November 27, 2005

Isagani A. Cruz

Let me express these non-historian's thoughts about a patriot of our land whose birth anniversary we shall celebrate this coming Wednesday. It is an official holiday declared by law in his honor as Bonifacio Day.
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The Supremo Lives
Philippine Daily Inquirer
November 21, 2005
Manuel L. Quezon III

FROM THE TRANSCRIPT OF THE TRIAL OF Andres Bonifacio (as translated by Virginia Palma-Bonifacio, 1963), we read:
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Thinking Aloud Dead Ends Need Not Be Dead

Manila Times

November 29, 2005 Tuesday

Roberto Lazaro

SOMEWHERE in a lifetime, a person meets a dead end, short of death . . . maybe an obstacle to a day-to-day chore, maybe a career crisis, maybe a waterloo of some sort. How he faces the dead end and how he puts up with the challenge is a matter of his personal idiocomplex-his perceptions of reality, his perspectives of value, his priority and his potential to think critically, to decide and to act.
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Bonifacio: The Neglected Hero

Philippine Daily Inquirer

December 9, 2004

Marlon Ramos
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Where Are the Bones of Bonifacio?

Philippine Daily Inquirer

December 1, 2004

Ambeth R. Ocampo
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Bonifacio & our changing notion of 'hero'

Opinion & Editorial Manila Bulletin

November 29, 2004

Fr. Bel R. San Luis, SVD
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Philippine Daily Inquirer

November 29, 2004
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Andres Bonifacio: The Katipunan Supremo;

Metro & National News Manila Bulletin

November 27, 2004

Ellalyn B. De Vera
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