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Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Time Event
1. Montana; Wiki-When Will They Ever Learn?
2. Wikipedia's Help From the Hill
3. On The Hill; Five Senators' Aides Reportedly Alter Online Bios
4. Quirks in the News: Wikipedia suffers political edits
5. An 'Adequate' Euphemism
6. President Bush Delivers Message in Nashville; Cindy Sheehan Arrested over T-Shirt; Nagin Testifies At Senate Hearing; Alito Sworn In; Rating White House Strategy; McCain Endorses Shadegg; Bush Takes State Of The Union Outside
7. Wikipedia entries altered for several senators, representatives
8. A Collection of Bizarre Stories from the World of Politics Including Senatorial Slips of the Tongue, Doctored Political Photos and Bios and Drastic Measures to Balance the Budget in New Jersey.
9. Coleman; Guess What Online Encyclopedia Is Close To Being "Wiki-Served"?
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10. Congress caught making false entries in Wikipedia
11.A new era of Wiki attacks belittle political process
12.Britannica 'still rules' over web rival
13.Revered reference beyond compare
14.Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia facing scrutiny
15.Bias, sabotage haunt Wikipedia's free world
16.On the stump
17.Out of America: Those oversized egos on Capitol Hill, and why I was rooting for George Galloway; What Washington really needs is a racy, gossipy tabloid or a local 'Private Eye' Independent on Sunday
18.Public sector, private lives
19.Define Wikipedia: Wicked media or work in progress?; Reports of Senate staffers altering their bosses' bios raise debate over the user-edited online encyclopedia.
20. Political Skeletons, Cut and Pasted
21. Column five: Doctoring the past - Wiki style: Doctoring the past - Wiki style
22. Web firm accused of helping to convict dissident; Yahoo! again criticised as political blogger is jailed
23. Biden staffers take Web bio entry into own hands; Several Senate computers caught changing Wikipedia

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