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Bailey 83221
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Thursday, July 6th, 2006

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What I despise about many on the American far left

Why does Zinn believe that the American people are being decieved by the politicians and elite in the United States? Question also posted on wikipedia.

Excerpt of Ward Churchill's essay, which mirrors my own ideas

Zinn and many other authors on the left have this reoccuring theme that the American people are being decieved by the media elite and the politicians. This theme is throughout Zinn's book "The People's History of the United States".

I think the reality is just the opposite: Americans delude themselves, and American's politicians and media elite are only a reflection of this delusion. Americans want to believe in their hearts that they are benign. They ignore and even ruthlessly attack inconvient facts which question this mythology. Americans are a bloodthirsty people with a shameful history. Americans should not blame their leaders, they are only a reflection of American's own delusions, we should blame ourselves.

But when an author is peddling an ideology, whether that author is on the right or the left, you don't want to tell your customer who you are peddling the ideology too that they are a murderous people. If you said this, no one will buy what you are peddling.

So the right peddles America's righteousness, and the left peddles the American people's righteousness too, but plays the "class card": demonizing the leaders and elite in the society. The left tells Americans they are only decieved victims of an elite.
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Jeju massacre

Ghosts of Cheju


June 19, 2000,

ASIA; Pg. 51

By George Wehrfritz and B. J. Lee; With Hideko Takayama in Tokyo
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Korean War: who started the war?

The Unwanted General


September 5, 2005


By B. J. Lee

Young revisionists in South Korea are rethinking who the villains and heroes were in the Korean War.

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[Book Review] North Korea in a Different Light

Korea Times

December 6, 2003, Saturday

Hankook Ilbo

North Korea has received a lot of attention and bad press in recent years. Depicted as a forbidding and secretive state with its alleged manufacture of weapons of mass destruction, the security threat the regime poses in the region and internationally, and its reprehensible human rights record, North Korea has perpetuated both fear and disdain around the world, but nowhere more than in the United States. After all it was this fear of North Korea that prompted U.S. President George W. Bush to include it as a member in his ''axis of evil,'' as well as refer to Kim Jong-il as a ''pygmy,'' and a person that he loathes.
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