July 10th, 2006

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The official LDS webpage, had a short blurb about a Los Angeles times article. Its response was to quote and link to a far right wing commentator. I decided to find the original Los Angeles Times article, and was surprised about how all of these right wing sites are making much ado about nothing (few if any of these right wing site readers probably actually read the article). The LA Times article, when it is read in full, actually is not as terrible as the LDS church and the right wing facists make it out to be. The LA times article just seems like an excuse for right wing nuts to bash the LA Times. And of course, the LDS church, dominated by the far right wing too, gleefully goes along for the ride...

Mormons to Let the Games Reign; Olympics: Church has lowered its profile, but Utah 'theocracy' will be seen and felt nonetheless.

Los Angeles Times

January 13, 2002

PART A; Part 1; Art Desk; Pg. 1

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