July 15th, 2006

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Debate with Robert Bateman and author of the AP report:


Did Korean civilians die in Korea?

Robert Bateman's OWN words:

"Specifically the (government) report stated that "an unknown number" died at No Gun Ri....hardly a resounding claim for the AP."

Even Robert Bateman himself admits that Korean civilians died.

J. Robert Port, the AP editor, who fervently supported the "No Gun Ri" and as a result was demoted when the investigative division of the AP was dissolved, wrote in the book "Into the Buzzsaw":

"Only a fool, it seemed to me, or someone biased by loyalty to country-someone who couldn't conceive of the U.S. military doing anything wrong or someone who didn't wish to encourage a discussion of it-would not see [the story of No Gun Ri] as news."

These reviewers, apologists of American atrocities; and even Robert Bateman himself, are either "fools" or "biased by loyalty to country". Possibly both.

Throughout American history apologists like Robert Bateman have focused so much on the numbers dead to try to confuse the original horrors.

3.4 million Vietnamese killed! Absurd! It was only x amount.

260,000 East Timorese killed, absurd! It was only x amount.

100,000 Filipinos killed, absurd! It was only x amount.

500,000 Iraqis killed with sanctions, absurd! It was only x amount.

100,000 Iraqis killed since the Iraq war started, absurd! It was only x amount.

Keep this central and most important point in mind:

NO ONE is disputing, not even Robert Bateman himself, that American soldiers massacred Korean civilians. Whether 40, 400, or 4,000 Korean civilians where massacred, the fact is Korean civilians WHERE MASSACRED BY AMERICAN SOLDIERS.

Don't let Mr. Bateman, like apologists before him, muddy that undisputable fact.

To Mr. Bateman, like most apologists historically, the number dead is a smoke screen, protecting his ideology that America can do no wrong.

To Mr. Bateman, and apologists of his ilk, it truly doesn't matter whether one or one million civilians are killed by America: America can do no wrong.

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