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Americanism: the religion that binds Americans together.

I found this wonderful article about "Americanism" the religion which binds all Americans together.

Click here: The religious character of American patriotism

I started to see patriotism as a religion when I lived in Ukraine (a former Soviet country) for over two years. Unfortunatly I often felt like I just had walked into an epic movie at the closing credits, missing the best parts. The rusting remenants of communism were everywhere. I realized quickly that communism was simply the religion of the Soviets, which had replaced a belief in a religious God.

After 9/11, I saw the fervent patriotism of Americans, and I started to see the same symbols, icons, myths, and closed-minded ideology with Americanism as with my former religion, Mormonism. Americanism did not replace religion as communism does, Americanism and religion instead compliment each other. Sociologists call it American civil religion.

The religious character of American patriotism article mentions Mormonism:

When I attended in 1987 the annual Hill Cumorah Pageant put on by the Mormons in Palmyra, New York, I noted how cleverly they used Americanism to make their...religious ideas more palatable to non-Mormons. American flags flew on flag poles throughout the pageant area, the program opened with the national anthem, and a giant flag on the hillside was waved by over a hundred Mormon youth. Then there were fifteen minutes of bicentennial hoopla involving claims that America's founders were guided by God in all their actions. Only after this common emotional ground was established did the uniquely Mormon part of the program get under way. And even in this latter part, the mythical pre-Columbian followers of Christ in the Americas were depicted as advocates of liberty and democracy -- an indication of the influence Americanism had on Joseph Smith when he published _The Book of Mormon_ in 1830.

Is it any wonder that those who are the most patriotic are also the most religous?

Is it any wonder that Utah, which is over 70% Mormon, are always the most supportive state of the Republican president?

As you know, Mormons believe that:
* the garden of Eden is in America,
* the founder of Mormonism teaches that new Zion is in America, and
* America is the country which is blessed by God.

How many of you non-Mormons, anti-Mormons, or recovering Mormons still fervently believe in Americanism?

You kicked one religion, are you going to kick the second one?

Do you still proudly worship the symbols and icons of Americanism?

Mormonism is harmless compared to the historical human cost of ruthless American nationalism:

Click here: The Power and the Glory: Myths of American exceptionalism

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