Bailey83221 (bailey83221) wrote,

"...the School of the Americas reminds people in a very blunt way
that Americans too can be collectively responsible
for torture, for murder, for dictatorship..."

Christopher Hitchens

I just watched the movie "Hidden in Plain Sight". A 2003 movie which is difficult, almost impossible to find. I finally got it through inter-library loan.

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the official site

The documentary focuses on the School of Americas, which has trained Latin American proxy armies to ruthlessly slaughter democratic revolutionaries and labor movements which try to help people out of crushing poverty, but threaten the miniscule elite and American business interests throughout Latin America, which prop up this elite.

History of Central America

The movie is almost devoid of American imperialist history in Central America. For the history of Central America, right now I am also reading the book Inevitable Revolutions: The United States in Central America, which talks about the history of the dozens of United States invasions in Central America. I am currently reading about the 1950’s CIA invasion of Guatemala, to crush the democratically elected government, which threatened the business interests of United Fruit, by increasing wages and life for the poor majority. After the CIA coup, their were many death squads. It is a familiar script that has been played out around the world, in dozens of countries.

The producer of the movie makes a good point:
That what makes America great today is its dissenters. Dissenters like Martin Luther King. People who fought against authority and made America a better place. The overwhelming majority of Americans, the sheep, are either too busy in their empty lives or actively fight those dissenters.

The reason dissenters like myself focus on the negative is because if every American focused on the ‘positive’, then America would still have slavery and many of the benefits Americans enjoy ignorantly would not exist today.


Third technique moved to:
Four techniques many American's use to ignore their country's bloody foreign policy history
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