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Added to: American's forgotten wars:

Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress:
Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798 - 2004

From 1798 to 1993 there has been 311 instances of the employment of U.S. military forces abroad.

This list through 1975 is reprinted with few changes from: US Congress House Committee on International Relations.

What is amazing is how many of these daming documents have been printed by our own government. One of the most damning is The United States Senate report about how the Department of Defense has knowingly exposed military personnel to potentially dangerous substances, often in secret. And yet most Americans still are devote believers in Americism, including absurd myths about how America brings freedom and democracy to the world.

This week several communities, after heavy lobbying, kept military bases in their own communities. These are the same military bases that house many of the weapons of war used across the world.

"As the Vietnam war became less popular, so did the anti-war movement. It was hated, in fact—by the end of the decade, the most hated entity in America. In the 1969 Gallup poll, '77 percent disapproved of the antiwar demonstrations, which were then at their height."

The more I learn about American history, and the publics support of genocide and murder of millions of people, the more I am starting to feel that Americans are not "duped" into war, but our murderous leaders are only a reflection of the American population itself.
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