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NPR: A Life of Justice: 'Hugo Black of Alabama' (Listen Now)

Debbie Elliott talks with biographer Steve Suitts about his new book, Hugo Black Of Alabama . A Supreme Court justice and one-time member of the Klu Klux Klan, Black helped create more uniform laws to protect civil rights after he took a seat on the bench in 1937.

A Short History of Progress
by Ronald Wright

BBC: The Interview for Friday, september 9, 2005

In this week's edition of The Interview, Owen Bennett-Jones talks to a man who thinks we have a lot to learn from the past.

The author Ronald Wright believes that the environmental problems we face today are not in fact unique to our time. He thinks they go back to the Stone Age.

Mankind has a habit of using up his resources. Over and over, civilizations have engineered their own destruction - from the Sumerians to the inhabitants of Easter Island.

When you've learnt how to kill two mammoths instead of one, you've made progress, he says. But when you've learnt how to kill 200 mammoths by driving herds of them over cliffs, then you may live high for a while, but ultimately you're finished.

It's time, he urges, that we started learning from the mistakes of our ancestors.
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