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The Republican
War on Science

NPR: Interview with the author of "The Republican War on Science" (Listen now)

Publishers Weekly Review Excerpts:

Does the Bush administration ignore or deny mainstream research to please its conservative base?

Have business groups and certain religious lobbies helped it do so?

Does Bush-era treatment of scientists differ from that of Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Reagan?

Has a Republican Congress passed laws designed to disable clean air and water efforts, and has it dismantled safeguards, such as the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, meant to give legislators unbiased advice?

Mooney's passionate, thoroughly researched volume answers these questions with an urgent "yes."

Washington Post Review:

Mooney has produced a book without much intellectual gravity

...And then there's that title. I know that publishers must "move" books, but The Republican War on Science -- really, now! Could Ann Coulter be any more glib?

...Evidence abounds of the Bush administration's ham-handed approach to making science policy. The topic is thus ripe for a quasi-scholarly, quasi-journalistic study -- perhaps one akin to Daniel S. Greenberg's 1967 classic, The Politics of Pure Science , or its excellent 2001 successor, Science, Money, and Politics. Unfortunately, Chris Mooney's The Republican War on Science is not that study.
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