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Its all in black and white


For the past week I have really been involved with wikipedia.

Today I was extensively adding information to Project FUBELT. Because of the Freedom of Information Act, much of this information has now become public.

Project FUBELT is the codename for the secret CIA operations that were intended to undermine Salvador Allende's government and promote a military coup in Chile. The documents clearly show that Nixon and Kissinger where actively attempting to overthrow Allende. Only a ideological jingoist would argue otherwise.

Naom Chomsky always claims the US government never wanted a Socialist government in Chile because it would be a model for other countries to follow. Now I can see that this is true, from a document written for Henry Kissinger and the National Security Council (page 6):

The Department of Defense recommends that following be considered as US objectives toward Chile:
(1) The prevention of the establishment by the Allende government of an authoritarian Marxist regime, prevention of the regime's falling under Communist control, and prevention of its influencing the rest of Latin America to follow it either as a model or through its external policies...
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