Bailey83221 (bailey83221) wrote,

New York Times Nov 23, 1934; Pg-3

Says Butler Described. Offer.

By The Associated Press.

HELENA, Mont., Nov. 22.—James E. Van Zandt of Altoona, Pa., National Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, '''reiterated here tonight that he had been approached by "agents of Wall Street" to lead a Fascist dictatorship in the United States under the guise of a “Veterans Organization.”''' The commander said General Butler informed him of the request to him less than two months ago. Butler told Van Zandt, the commander said, that Van Zandt had been selected to be one of the leaders of the organization, and that he would be approached by envoys at Louisville, Ky., during the V. F. W. convention. The commander said he informed Butler he would "not be in when the envoys called."
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